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About Education
About Education
by 07.06.2018 13:11
These forums really help me out with my reviews wor. i am glad i got to find this page otherwise it would have been quite a difficulty for me to overcome. thank you so much for posting

Re: About Education
by 13.09.2018 05:15
mafia city: Building a Believable Cult
Richard Rouse III is building a complicated following. The man who was behind games like The Sufferingand some of the writing in the Homefront series is now applying his love of narrative genre-blending to a small game called Mafia City. It’s a roguelike and a permadeath thing but it is also undeniably outside of genre conventions for anything I could hope to tag it with. It’s the tale of a cult in the woods, and as Paste’s resident cult in the woods specialist, me and Rouse have been circling each other to make some kind of interview happen, because we’re both so deep in each other’s nightmare it is hard to tell where the individuals end. We’ve both spent the last few years diving into cult culture; what you bring out the other side doesn’t define you as a person, but it does reveal a lot about what lies beneath. So in a fairly extensive interview, I get to see what lies beneath Richard Rouse.
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